Secrets in Sulsut – Episode 8

In this episode, Malric learns of Galron’s alliance with the Scavengers.



A sea breeze from a large opening in the center of the room fed the sparse torchlight in the natural cavern. Two Scavengers stood by the entrance to a passage on the far side of the chamber, their tridents crossed over the portal. A large oaken table rested in the center of the room, and Malric was dismayed to see several members of the Thieves’ Guild seated there beside the Scavengers.

The rider with the emerald cloak stood before Malric. The hood of the cloak was thrown back, and his dark, bearded face was immediately recognizable to Malric.

“Malric, Malric, Malric! I’m so ashamed to have ever called you brother! Did you really think we would’ve overlooked that messy job you performed on the sentry? Hardly a job worthy of such a subtle craft such as ours, Malric.”

“I see you have discovered a taste for fish, Galron.”

Malric was struck hard across the face. Galron looked as if he would strike him again. Then he lowered his fist and began to pace.

“We knew you would never understand, Malric. You who always spoke of Sulsut as if you were a court poet instead of a lowly thief. You would never have betrayed your beloved city. You would steal there, and even kill there if necessary. But betray? No. You would never accept an alliance with the Scavengers.”

“I should expect this much from you, Galron. I savor the day when the Scavengers turn on you.” Several Scavengers raised their tridents at this statement but were restrained by a wave of Galron’s hand.

“Thulos lives, Malric. We have seen, and only a fool denies what he has seen and refuses to believe it. Sulsut will soon be a Scavenger city.”

Malric spat at Galron. The spittle struck Galron’s cheek and ran down it like a worm.

Latching maniacally onto Malric’s shoulders, Galron pulled him close.

“You will be a believer, Malric,” Galron hissed through clenched teeth, “It will be the last thing you believe!” Then he pushed Malric away. Scavengers surged forward and covered Malric in a net. A rope was tied to the net and they lifted Malric towards the lip of the opening and placed him down on his side.

Galron strode over to the lip of the pit and stared down at Malric.

“Cheer up, Malric,” he said slyly, “you’ve become food for a god!” Galron’s booming laughter filled Malric’s head as he was kicked over the edge.

Malric fell into space for a terrifying moment before the rope caught him. Far below something waited for him at the bottom of the cavern, dimly outlined by the luminous sea plants at the bottom. It stirred the water with its long, serpentine limbs.

To be continued…

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