Secrets in Sulsut – Epilogue

Final thoughts on “Secrets in Sulsut”, and possible future developments.

Thank you for reading!


So, we find ourselves at the end of the tale. I feel like there are more adventures in store for Malric in the future, picking up the story where we left off with Malric wading back to shore with his thoughts racing and full of vengeance as he watches the Sea Mare swim off in the shimmering waves.

There are ideas, always ideas, snippets captured in notebooks and folders. But these ideas compete with all of the others, and which idea will spark the next short story is to be determined.

The outline of the next episode for Malric involved him scaling the castle walls to inform the royal family of the impending invasion by the Scavengers. While sneaking into the castle, he unexpectedly encounters the King’s beautiful daughter, and falls madly in love with her (there is always a princess, right?). This does not please the King, as you would imagine.

Unlike the cruel passage of time that plagues us mortals, our characters are blessed to live suspended in a timeless void, waiting patiently for years without aging a day until they are summoned to a new adventure. If you write long enough, you do have to age your characters – even Bilbo Baggins was once a young hobbit before his famous disappearing act at his 111th birthday party.

Perhaps then, time permitting, I can bestow many more years to Malric before his days of adventuring are over and there are no more Secrets in Sulsut.

After all, Malric is a dreamer, and we could all use a little more of that.