A Brave New Blog – Post #1- Welcome Readers!

Welcome Readers

Welcome to my brave new blog! This is my first foray into blogging, and I hope you find it engaging, or at the very least entertaining.

My name is R. David Fulcher, and I am a life-long writer. I’ve been labelled a horror writer by some, and without a doubt my writings lurk more in the shadows (see my short story “Pumpkin Seed Spit” in Halloween Party 2019 published by Devil’s Party Press) than in the light. That being said, I’m as proud of my two chapbooks of nature and romantic poetry as I am of my horror stories, and my first book Trains to Nowhere is a historical fiction novella set in World War II.

I don’t intend for this blog to be a formal listing of my publishing credits. I desire this blog to be a place where readers like yourself can get to know me, not as a stodgy distant figure in a tweed jacket, but as a normal person that has this strange compulsion to put my thoughts into words. I hope to make this fun, or at least as much fun as you can have on a web page.

I have an amazing wife, Lisa, no kids, and two crazy cats named Inky and Rocky (see below):

Inky Taking Over My Chair

Rocky on Guard Duty

So I implore you to Follow, Like, Subscribe, and Comment as much as you’re able. Do you want to know my take on a new horror movie or book? Drop me a comment and I promise an honest (if perhaps eccentric!) reply. Want to discuss the merits of literature over genre fiction? Go ahead – strike up the debate! Just hoping the Washington Capitals get back to the Stanley Cup this year? Drop me a line.

This doesn’t have to be a conversation just about writing…Favorite Food? Mexican. Favorite beverage? India Pale Ales (IPA’s) – no, not Absinthe, the favorite drink of vampires worldwide. Sports? Yes, please (I play amateur ice hockey in Virginia).

So grab your lantern before the candle wick burns too low, and let’s walk into the catacombs together…

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